Friday, November 4, 2011

Pancho #5 May 2-5, 2012

Cinco De Pancho, Will be the 5th and Final Pancho Run. I'm giving you a 6 month heads up for those whom have said " I wanted to go maybe next year ". There is no next year, so there will be those that did and those poor souls that didn't. First night (Tuesday May 1 ) will be in Trinity Texas camping provided by Big Ric and the Outkast cc. and nights festivities will be at Tiny's in down town Trinity.....should be easy to find. May 2 will be in New Braunfels Texas on River Road ( TBA). May 3 will be the same place. May 4 after a day of riding the 3 sisters we will end back in Bandera ( same camp ground as the 2nd Pancho). May 5 is to be decided.

There you go, any questions email

Thank all of you for your support through the years. This decision didn't come lighty but it is time for something else. Happy Trails MoFo's