Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pancho " Drink the Wine "

This is how it went down......

Update… Up since 7:00 made 5 stops in 10 miles to gather everyone so far. We have made it a total of 30 miles from the hotel. In parking lot someone’s bike is already down.

At some local park already causing a stir at every place we ride into. Lots of old bikes sure wish I had mine finished.

Getting ready to head out everyone is gathered looks like less people then planned. A few already had bike problem just trying to get to the meet up and turned around.

Haven’t even left and we have our first detour… heading to Shiner Brewery

On the rode made it maybe 5 miles bike is down. No trees, it’s hot on the side of the road

Made it to Shiner beer is GOOD

If any of you don’t want my updates let me know

4free 8oz beers and we are off. Must still have beer in me from last night. Way to happy for just 32oz of beer

On the side of the rode again Triumph having top end problems. Thank god for the chase truck

Group is split up. Half the group 10miles back someone is out of gas.

Other Triumph falling apart literally bolt by bolt

Holy SHIT Triumph trashed rear fended just found out it is a borrowed bike, hope he and his buddy are close

Just finished lunch in Cuero. We started at noon at this rate we should be in by about 9:00. This is the short leg???

Lost another rider, he looks like a bad dude but it’s hot. If we keep having bike problems none of us may make it.

2nd bike on trailer

Down to 12riders. 2 on the trailer. We are going to need a bigger trailer

It’s hot as hell, trailer is full, both bike on trailer are Triumphs

I think someone called a friend of a friend of a friend and now we have some guy who live here in Port Aransas coming to help with the Triumphs.

We have the Triumphs in a garage one of a lift and this guys wife is bringing us all water and sodas.

Just got offered a place to sleep, amen for friends of bikers

Looks like we might have one fixed, somehow they know a guy with a new set of valves. We are sleeping in the backyard and garage. No a/c but atleast we are out of the sand.

We might be sleeping on the ground but we are going to eat seafood tonight.

Teacher John is an animal I’ll explain later

Arrived at local recommended bar. Bartender had Lonstar ready and on ice “Uncle Jimmy” (Triumph guy house we are staying at) called ahead and first round is on him

Beer is flowing having a great time we own this bar Pancho stickers on everything and everyone

Teacher John is at it again, Troy the gay fire fighter is smooth with the Pancho stickers. I’ll explain the names later

Partied til they kicked us form the bar at 2:30. Didn’t want to roll up at our guests house this late so we are on the beach anyways. Cops followed us through town down on the beach. I am sure they will be back to harrase us

Sand SUCKS this is not like the movies. It is however great for donuts and massive roster tails

I can’t sleep. Some brough tents. I am up in a lifeguard stand. Thought it would be better it’s just a wooden chair 10 feet off the ground. better then the ground. Gonna try to go back to sleep

Woke up early, can’t sleep on this wood platform anymore. Took pictures of the sunrise over the ocean. Got some great pics with the bikes, and the sun just coming over the ocean horizon. This IS like the movies, maybe the sand isn’t so bad

The sun is up, I’m already sweating what was I thinking the sand SUCKS

OMFG, bar girl much uglier in the light, car has sustained “minor” damage and people are pissing on her car door. More on this later

Battery dead, can’t kick start push start in the sand blows.

Back at guests house, loading up bikes just got offered use of the shower SCORE

Lost 4 riders this morning. That includes the photographer. Misc family problems/emergencies. Herdd is getting thin

I have just washed sand from places that don’t even have names. Have I mentioned how much I hate the beach

Rolling out for day two

Driving through the King ranch, sure isn’t anything out here

HOT HOT HOT what are we leaving at noon?

260 miles and nobody had broken down, new Pancho record!!!!

Stopped at Sears getting a battery. Tired of pushing starting the bike everytime we stop.

Sears sucks, they are doing 20 different test to prove the battery is dead. Went inside to the bathroom seems I missed some spots with the spray on sun block. I bet those are going to hurt tomorrow. I’m to hot to hurt now and will be to drunk to hurt later. Tomorrow morning is gonna suck

Why is it still so hot at 6pm. We are STILL at Sears. Ho invented black asphalt, they should be shot

If I see a lion or a giraffe my suspisions will be true… me made a wrong turn and ended up in Africa

Back on the road next stop padre

So we are at tattoo shop number 2. They are pricing a “P” for “pancho drinks the wine” seems I’m the only guy without a tat…or twenty

Fifty dollars each. To much apparently it’s a no go for now

Found out a front fork nut fell off of one of the bikes. That would have been BAD. We are now fixing a bike in the front of a tattoo shop wish we had a beer then we could be real biker trash.

Scored a hotel suite 20for a bed 5 to sleep on the floor

Camera is fried put it in a bad then crushed if between the forks an the tank..opps

As hard as teacher John tried noone in the bar would fight him, Tylers “boys” payed a visit while he sang Sinatra. We own this bar too.

Chase truck is gone no beer I’m thirsty

I’m going to bed

Looks like somehow we are all alive and accounted for. No one dead of in jail. Seems like last night was a success

Tinker with bikes break out the welder more shit is broke

Looks like we get to roll out in the middle of the day again

Mexican/seafood again

Hassled by the law 200+ dollars in tickets and towing fees

“improperly parked” while we were eating. He was in the restaurant and waited for us to come out. We parked at the DPS what a load of BS

Got stopped at the boarder patrol check point. Did you know you can’t take pictures of them? He wasn’t happy. Almost lost my iPhone. Spent 10 minutes going through every photo to prove they were all deleted. Wanted to see video. This doesn’t’ do video he didn’t believe me and that’s when the phone almost went bye bye. The man trying to hold me down

Just made it to town by the state park. Think this is the only store in town. Some one is at it again, bunch of fat chicks in a small truck

Lots of beer and ice off to the park getting escort from Some one’s fat chicks. They went and dropped the only skinny one off.

Lost tooth on Hwy72 more later

Tried to race Lil John , had a good run. feel good about the bike started talking after the race and tooth went bye bye, need to make dentist appt Monday

Signal weak here

Damn ants

Going back to look for tooth on Hwy

No luck bike sounds like shit
Exhaust about to fall off I lost a nut hop someone has something

Lil John had a nut, Exhaust is HOT that is gonna leave a mark.

The local police want to say hi. This is getting expensive. Drug dog out again

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