Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mad Man-John Koehnle

You say you have a problem with a drag car…no problem either from one special made part to building the whole motor…John can handle that…he races one. You say you have a boat that can’t go when it’s afloat…he can fix that…John has been a recognized racer of boats in his own right. Rumour has it that that old Wide Wide World of Sports Intro with the speedboat crashing....well that just might be John skipping across the water. Oh, from regular street to drag racing motorcycles…John is well-known for fixin’ anything. He has a top fueler you’ll never see any place else cause he built 99.9% from scratch everything but the tires. John would have processed them if he had a rubber tree. How come his bike isn't bigger inch?…he says, “that was only how big of a piece of aluminum that could fir in my lathe- bigger lather-bigger cubic inch”. I know for a fact he makes his own Harley cams and pushrods......seriously folks....

Last saturday we watched him pull some 5.5 second 1/8th mile runs just for fun in Navasota Texas.

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