Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fo Sale 1974 Honda CB200T

My unckle bought this bike in 78 and I picked it up from him in 05. It has been Garage kept its whole life. Has new silver paint, ( had tank soda blasted it look like it came from the factory ) same with side covers. Seat was recover @ Fat Luckys by Sean. Bike has new tire on rear and needs one on front. This was an awsome bike around Austin, took it out of town a few times but its a little to small to make good time on it. In the time I have owned it I have only replaced one float. This bike has always run. I built a 2-1 header makes a great sound but I think it ran better with stock pipes. Also has Cubman bars and origonal Sparto tail light.

$2500 Please contact: paunchodrankthewine@hotmail.com

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