Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What in the hell is Pancho Drink the Wine?


What The Hell Is Pancho Drink The Wine And Why Should You Go?
Pancho Drink the Wine is the answer to all your dreams!!! Ok, maybe not; but it is an excuse for a bunch of degenerates,gearheads,infidels,garage builders,greasers, and rowdy fun lovin assholes to get out and terrorize the Tejas coast line. Our goal is to run through small towns making babies cry, scare old people, deflower farm animals and have a damn good time. Our tastes in bikes are traditional choppers but this is an equal opportunity ride. You can ride what ever you have because we are very understanding and sensitive people. We know that many people can not or have not had the chance or the means to build their ideal bike but we were all there once.
This is just an excuse to party, see old friends, meet new ones and ride. You will even have the chance to meet people who are famous in their own minds!!!

Whats On The Agenda For Pancho?
Day 1) The plan is to meet up in Schulenberg, Tx on at noon o'clock. From there we will roll through Goliad and proceed south to Mustang Island. Party, drink and be merry.

Day 2) Crawl out of your alcohol induced coma and get back on your bike. Ride the piss out of it!!! Travel through the vast land of the King Ranch down to the mystical waterfront known as South Padre. Consume copious amounts of Lonestar, whiskey or even a daiquiri if your a little light on your feet.

Day 3) Arise to face the burning sun and cuss it's very existence. Get back on your bike and ride your cares away. From there we will travel north west to Choke Canyon Park. Upon arrival, crack open a cold frothy beverage milked from the teats of the gods and contemplate the mysteries of life. Enjoy your new found friends and tell incoherent stories to each other.

Day 4) This day is up to you. You can travel back home or back to Schulenberg with the chase truck trailing you. On this solemn day the journey ends; or does it? It will be a Saturday so if you feel like continuing the party with one of your new found friends you have that option as well.

This Is The Route


If you can not read it you might be blind. If that is the case you should probably not be riding a motorcycle unless you can read sign language. If you are blind and you can read sign language you are bad ass and you will be allowed to ride with us.

Where Will We Stay?

We are still working out the final details. We are trying to offer you an option of camping of staying in a hotel. Stay tuned for more details about our journey towards spiritual bliss. I'm Pancho and I support this message.

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