Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey everybody sorry I've neglected this site for a while.

Pancho is Back this year and hopefully better than ever. Last year we made friends that will sand the test of time. I hope to make more this year.

June 24-27, 2009 Pancho will again ride but this time thur the hill country. There will be great views and killer curves.


Pre-party starts Tuesday ( June 23) night at a "undetermined location" and will be sponsered by FMR

Day One. June 24

Kick off the ride in The Lost Pines of Bastrop and head out west to Bandera. We will take a killer ride to Wimberly and then down to the Devil's backbone. Also will stop in Luckenbach to goof off.

Day Two. June 25

Twist and turn through the Hill Country from Bandera to Kerrville. This day has the most miles, where we get to run the 3 stisters "335-336-337". With a possible stop at a Motorcycle Museum if they are open.

Day Three. June 26

Kerrville to Johnson City. Some of the best rides in Central Texas. Coopers BBQ in Llano, Enchanted Rock. Enough said.

Day Four. June 27

Johnson City to Austin. Thought we would take it easy on you? Shortest day but with some of the best twisties in Texas. Hit Austin for the welcome back party. The party /bike show will be sponsered by Dice magazine at a location "TBA" Save your livers for tonight.

PANCHO is a camping event. If you want a bed and AC get a hotel but make sure you are ready to go when we are.

PANCHO will not be held responsible for damages or losses due to rider negligence. In other words, have fun but don’t be stupid.