Friday, February 19, 2010

Sporty update

Started (mock up) assembly making sure everything fits and is where I want it to be. here's where we are now ...waiting on fender to make the oil tank and battery box. Also loking for a Thunder header muffler if anyones holding.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pancho Benefit Silent Auction!!!!!!

I will take silent bids via email. It is e-bay style. Bid your max bid, but you only get charged $5 over the second highest bid. ONE bid only. No nibbling. If two people have the same bid, first one to bid wins. Once again.... eveyone bids ONCE and bids their max. BUT you only get charged $5 more than the next highest bid. Example, you bid $50 on a pair of my lightly scented used underware, and Shortbus is the next highest bidder at $20, YOU win and owe $25, not the $50 you bid. All bids are silent.

All items shipping included if applicable.

To bid email,

Subject: Pancho Bid Item #___

All bidding ends noon CST Feb 26th.

ALL money will go to benefit the Pancho Run.

Auction Item #1

From Keith
4 Player Package
4 Sets of Rental Equipment
500 paintball per player (2000 paintballs)

retails of over $200

Everything 4 people need to play

Auction Item #2

John Jackson

Custom Photo Shoot, John says he can probably schedule a shoot for almost anyone, anywhere because he travels a lot. Contact him for more details. In leu of a shoot, he would substitute a poster sized print of one his photos.

Auction Item #3

From Doc, Custom striped Biltwell helmet!!

It's a brand new in the box Biltwell "one size fits most". I wear a big med/lil' lrg and it fits good. If I were a big lrg or an XL I don't think I'd wanna squeeze my head into one for too long though. Stiping is unfinished, but soon will be.

Auction Item #4

Big AL Custom Painted Suitcase, (I have the suitcase), or a similar item (that you provide) pinstriped. Similar to this one I donated to Todd's benefit. I can't stripe for 4-6 weeks, but I will do it as soon as I am healed. I can do cars, bikes etc, in the greater Houston area. MY fuckin barbed wire or other gay assed crap.

Auction Item #5

Tylers Custom, solid mount riser set-ups....

Auction Item #6

Tylers Fancy License Plate Bracket!!! Very nice!!! Unpainted, tap and drill to fit your axle plate.

Auction Item #7

Clubman Bars, 7/8, nice condition, a little polish and ready to roll.